European porn film producers declare voluntary shooting stop 

Until further notice, we, the signatories, declare that we will voluntarily stop shooting due to the corona pandemic.

With this we take over the call of the FREE SPEECH COALITION from March 16, 2020

Quarantine measures, intensive hand hygiene and physical distance slow down the spread of Covid19. Incisive official measures restrict social contacts. Businesses are closed, sporting activities and mass events are prohibited.
Therefore, we currently consider it irresponsible to organize film productions in which everyone involved is exposed to a high risk of infection, which they can then also take outside.
Anyone who deliberately jeopardizes the lives of others in this situation acts criminally.
Therefore, we will not accept any content created after March 18 and we urge all of our distributors to act accordingly.
Exceptions are solo productions, as well as shoots with partners living in the household, if proof can be provided.
This means drastic financial losses for all participants. We very much regret this and hope that everyone will find a good way to get through this personal crisis. Especially since the stop of filming, where a physical distance cannot be kept, may take a very long time.
In our opinion, it will only be possible to deal with each other again more easily if comprehensive tests, vaccinations or useful medicines for the virus exist.
As soon as there is reliable information about when and how productions can be resumed without immediately involving any health risks, we will make this known.
Stay healthy and keep your distance so that responsible production can be started again soon.

Stay healthy

Hebet Sorg

Bonne Santé

Zustante Zdravi

mantenerse saludable 

aradj egészséges

blijf gezond